Catharina Lönnberg









TIARAREBEL Australiafair


Born 5th of february

Bred By: Mr & Mrs Armstrong Queensland 


Godkänd genomfört MH

Hjärtundersökt UA





Blakrouge Red Baron 3100116233 [Red]





Soloshel Mr Bad Gay75


2100040632 [Fawn]



AUST.CH Gameguard Arion (IID) 2100028953 [Fawn]



Soloshel Vanilla Ice 1446511 [Fawn]



Blakrouge Pagan Belle 3100076867 [Red]



Centaur Zeus 1546325 [Red]



Karabul Cockney Belle 1527727 [Red]



Powerbulmas Princes Opal 2100152450 [Brindle]



AUST.CH Wyburn Opal Guardian AB02104301 [Brindle]



CH Wyburn Obbie (U.K) 2489 Ck  [Red/fawn]



Wyburn Ness (U.K) Y1771103Y02 [Brindle]



Powerbulmas Iamtogood 2100103315 [Fawn]



Powerbulmas Stanley 2100043344  [Fawn]



Powerbulmas Destiny 1600213 [Fawn]


Sundsvall INT  2013 10 13


Judge: Petkevicia Beata Letland


Quality grading: Excellent 

Bästa veteran

8 1/2 y. fem. in good con. for age corr. length of body Good pigm.


Prefer more broad chest Good back ang. Nice temper


Free movem. Should be more parallell in moves


Head should be more massive & strong Corr. feets


Quality Grading:  Excellent

Best Veteran 



Judge: Diane Andersson  USA

8years veteran, excellent body and bone frame,


Excellent size with feminine head and expression.


Elegant moves


In amazing condition for her age.

ALFTA  NAT 20130706

Best Veteran 


Judge: Carsten Birk DENMARK


Quality Grading:  Excellent


Good nose and wide jaw.

Good size & substance, Good expression with dark eyes.


Excellent neck & topline, could be more depth in front, good angle.


Excellent fur & colour, Could move with little more drive.


Lovely temperament.

Judge: Björn Einarsve NO


Quality grading: Excellent




Girl with excellent model


Earns her title.


Well shaped head with very good proportion could be more of.


Strong neck, good topline little to heavy underline,


Balanced angled, Sound and typical moves.

Sundsvall INT 2011-10-08


Quality grading: Very Good 

Judge: Jacobsen Aase  Norway

Very good type, head with good expression, little to heavy underline.


Good bone frame, moves good and little narrow back.

Judge: Björn Einarsve

2010-10-09  Sundsvall INT


5 years old girl of very good type, good feminine head with lovely expression, 


ÖKL1  Kk3a


Good bone structure, enough angle back, Little to heavy underline,


moves well could have little more drive,


Wonderful temperament. Well shown.


Good neck and topline, Would preferred more front,

Sundsvall INT  2009-10-03

Judge: McCarry-Beattie Rita  Irland


Ökl 1 Kk 2


Type and general impression and mentality:  Excellent


Pleasing head and expression. Nice proportion. Good substance.


Moving soundly in both directions.

JUDGE: Ove Germundsson


INT 2008-10-11

Ökl: Kv 1 Kk 3 Btkl opl

Type and general impression:


Excellent eye, ear and

fore face.

3.5 years old bitch of

good model. Well shaped head with correct expression.


Narrow in front, straight front angle. 

Little narrow back. Move with

good step.

Could have stronger mask.

Excellent neck, soft toplevel.

SVENSTAVIK  2008-08-03  




Judge: Lehman Jörgensen 



3 year very good

build bitch.  Good head little to high ears.


Good eyes, Excellent bite. Good

neck. Little stiff cross. Very good tail.


Move very good back but

could have more stable front.


Good fur, colour

and temperament.


2008-07-13  NAT-Show


Could have little more knee angle and deeper chest.

Judge: Paplaka Inese 


1a  Ck  Kk 2a


nice head but it looks a little small compare to the



a little big ears, typical topline, good angulations in front, enough back,


excellent forechest, free powerful moves, nice character.

Type and general impression: 


type and size, good bones,

World Dog

Show Stockholm 2008-07-03

Judge   Grete Bergendahl   


Quality grading:  VERY GOOD

Good head

neck and shoulder. Very good body.

Good backbone angle. Could have

more drive in her move.


Little narrow in move from behind.


2008-06-14 INT


Could have little austere top line.

Type, size and general




Judge Peper Wilfried  Germany2a

Feminine bitch at

the most size. Correct head and bite.



proportions hindquarters. Excellent chest and tail.


Very good

front, French front feet. Excellent coat.


Moves without harmony. Narrow in



partly crossing behind more reach desirably.



topline when standing very good when moving.

Judge: Per Kristiansen  NO

SUNDSVALL 2008-05-04 NAT 

Size: Excellent 



Type and general impression:  Excellent

Well placed ears. Excellent body . Well placed shoulder.


Enough bone structure. Move with light

good step.

Excellent temperament and a very good knowledge.

Good proportions. Feminine head with little to short nose. 

Under bite. 


Judge Stefan Sinko  Slovene


Good angulations. Very good active moves.

Head in proportion with

the body.  Bite OK. A bit narrow in front.

Nice neck and topline

quite strong. Correct tail set.


Judge Kenneth Edh Sweden

STOCKHOLM INT 2007-04-08


Good eyes,

little too big ears.


Critique: Big girl, feminine head with too much wrinkle.


The nose should have more

deep and higher beset nose truffle.


Good angulations and bone

structure. Good fur, should have

more mask.


Move little tight in forward legs.



Correct bite.Good neck and back.

Little steep back (cross).

ECKERÖ INT 24th September



Eckerö, Finland


Judge: Wilfried Peper - Germany


BOS = Best Opposite Sex & CACIB = International Certificate


proportions, hindquarters, chest, feet and tail. 



Her wins

include: EXC = Excellent, CAC = Finnish certificate,

Critique:Feminine bitch,  Excellent head with perfect bite.

Excellent topline,



front and bone. Lovely coat. Moves fluently & parallel.


The judge was so overwhelmed

with Asta he told the

secretary and her owner

Now have Asta done her

mental test. 2006-09-05

And she did really well.

 I will try to

translate the test item…

lots of times

that Asta was the finest Bullmastiff

he has seen in years .

1 Contact

Some of the item has several


The test have 10 item and

the test leader have to judge each item in 5 points scale..

The scale is not bad to be 1

ore 5 it is how the dog worked in her main.

1a To take contact:  

Asta did take contact herself

1b Cooperativeness: 

She is willing to follow the test leader without me.

1c to be

handle:  She

accept that the test leader is looking at her mouth and so on..

She was calm and





2a willing to play: 

she start quick and play active.

2b grab hold of: 

she grabs gentle the toy with her front tooth

2c tug-of-war:  she grab the toy directly and pull against



leader until he let it go then she stop.

5 Play at distance

3 Hunt/ follow the

“rabbit”  (this moment is done twice)

Both times she just watch

and she was not interesting at all…

4 Activity ( the people did nothing in 3 minute and just watch Asta )

6 Surprise moment

5a interest: 

she have control of the person who is playing

5b threat/ aggressive: 

she don’t show any threat/aggressive

5c curious:

she move forward when the play person move..

5d willing to play: 

she play with the “test play person”


and grab the toy very gentle..

7 sound sensitivity

8 Ghost

6a fear:

she move little without not take her eyes from the surprise (work suit)

6b threat/ aggressive: she don’t show any aggressive/threat

6c curious:

she move to the suit when it come down on the ground.

6d belonging fear:

show no fear and move straight past the suit without not stop.

6e belonging interested: 

she show no interested at all

7a fear:

move little without not take her eyes from the sound (chain on sheet metal)

7b curious: she don’t approach were the sound comes from have no interest

7c belonging fear:

show no fear and move straight past the sound without not stop.

7d belonging interested: she show no interested at all

9 Play 2

10 shot (pistol)

The test leader stop

after the first shot.

8a threat/ aggressive:

she show little/ some threat but no aggressive

8b control: she have very control of both ghost with one stoppage

8c fear:

she was close forward and beside me but don’t try to escape.

8d curious.

Move to the ghost without my help

8e take contact with the

ghost: she took contact on her own,



with her tail wagging.

9a willing to play:  

she start quick and play active

9b grab the toy: 

grab the toy very gentle

Asta didn’t wont to play

any longer she didn’t show any fear and so on


but she just stood still and

didn’t do anything.


The test leader think that maybe she have an ear

infection ??!!.

Sunday 16th July, 2006, INT Högbo

And he didn’t wont to

continuo the shot.

Judge  Nina Karlsdotter  Sweden

Type and general impression = Excellent

Ukl 1, Kk 1, Ck, Btkl 3, Cert

 Asta have a passed

mental test. But not the shot test.


Good bite.

Well form dark eyes. Very good ears,


Excellent neck and good topline. Good body and chest. 


Excellent movements.  Well shown.

Critique:Feminine head with good shape and proportion,

Excellent nose.

Saturday 15th July, 2006,  INT


Judge:  Manaker Ronald - USA

Ukl 1,  Kk 1,  Ck,  Btkl 4

Little too

high in flesh. Good bone frame, very good angulations. 


Nice topline.  

Friday 14th July, 2006,  INT Högbo


A tad bit close behind but overall a nice type young


Judge  Åke Cronander - Sweden

Critique:Overall very good balance and proportion very pretty feminine


Type and general impression = Excellent


Ukl 1,  Kk  1,  Btkl 1, 

Ck,  Btkl 2,  CACIB  R


Nice neck and very good body for her age.

Sunday 18th June 2006, INT Vännäs

Good angulation. Little

steep back (cross). Sufficient bone frame. 


 Moved with very good step length.


,Ck , 3 best girl

Critique:Excellent appeal

overall.  Feminine good head

and expression.

International dog show, VJudge  Kenneth Edh from Sweden


Little thin under the eyes. Good neck and top-level.


Good fur and colour. Could have little more


Critique:Big girl with feminine head. Well placed ears. Lovely eyes.


Move very good but could have more  stability in the body.

9th July 2006 NAT Alfta


Body with good volume and

skeletal structure. Good angles.


Judge: Frank Christiansen Norway




A girl with a very good



Normal angle. Massive body.

Saturday 20th May 2006, NAT Ånge

Judge Andersen Lasthein Bo from Denmark

1a 1Kk Hp Ck Cert BIM


 A girl too heavy. With to heavy movements. A good

head. Nice bite.


Well placed ears. Good nose and a little under



Good neck and front. Could have a little more plane top-level.



little to low.

Good bone and angulations. Move little tight back.


Good fur and

colour. Excellent temperament.  Well shown.


Saturday 25th March 2006

Judge Anders Morelius

Critique: One

year old girl with

excellent head and expression. 


of Breed and Best In Group 2


Good back. Good bone and foot. Correct angle.


Good movement for the breed.


Good neck

and very good stable front.


Critique: Good feminine head with good expression. Allowed under bite. 

Judge Curt Bökefors

Saturday 26th February 2006


of Breed 

and RESERVE Best In Group


Good Eye. Well place ears. 


Good overline. Good chest. Good

bone and bone frame.


Adequate angle back. Excellent movements.


Saturday 21st January 2006

Critique: A big junior bitch with  good body and head. Small underbite.

Judge Solveig Eriksson


of Breed and 3rd place Best In Group



movements. Good fur quality and colour.


Well shown and a very good knowledge.


Saturday 20th August 2005


Excellent neck and back. Well boned, good leg and foot.

Judge  Patrik Ragnarsson

Critique: 11 month girl of excellent type. Feminine powerful head.


of Breed and 3rd place Best In Group



eye shape and colour. Good

breadth in nose.



temperament. Well shown.

Critique:  6

month, good

body, good

head, well place ear.

Copyright © 2007


Well mark chin. Good

neck and shoulder. Little straight over arm. 



back and chest.

Normal angle back leg.  Good

leg and foot. 


fur and colour.


tail. Move with style.